We are committed to bringing better tasting options to those seeking high-quality non-alcoholic beverage choices by offering delicious cocktail inspired Hemp infused social drinks.

     Co-founder and CEO of Better Than Booze, Drea Groeschel, is not only a lifelong entrepreneur and Nashvillian, but also a mom who sought to find a way to unwind at the end of the day without the foggy haze of alcohol and its negative effects. In 2022, Better Than Booze was born from this desire to swap out her regular glass of wine for a “Better” alternative.

    “My life is so busy with work and family, and trying to stay healthy. Sometimes it feels like an impossible juggle. So it was clear to me that moderating my alcohol intake was a big step in creating a healthier, more energetic lifestyle where I could be at my best for my family and coworkers. Better Than Booze is a new form of relaxation for me, the ‘ah ha!’ moment that I want other parents and working professionals to know about. It feels great to drink a bubbly water-based beverage that is infused by a plant, but tastes like a cocktail. Can’t get better than that!” – Drea Groeschel

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    Each mouthwatering flavor is expertly crafted to give you that craft cocktail taste with the perfect blend of CBD and THC instead of alcohol. Hold the booze, keep the buzz… hangovers have left the party!

    Hold the tequila, keep the buzz

    Rosemary infused Grapefruit Paloma

    Hold the gin, keep the buzz

    Elderberry infused Gin & Tonic

    Hold the rum, keep the buzz

    Mint Mojito with Lime

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