We are committed to bringing better tasting options to those seeking high-quality non-alcoholic beverage choices by offering delicious cocktail inspired social drinks.

Co-founder and CEO of Better Than Booze, Drea Groeschel, is not only a lifelong entrepreneur and Nashvillian, but also a mom who sought to find a way to unwind at the end of the day without the foggy haze of alcohol and its negative effects. In 2022, Better Than Booze was born from this desire to swap out her regular glass of wine for a “Better” alternative.

Now, busy professionals and social butterflies seeking an alternative to alcohol have real options to enjoy a comforting, craft cocktail without ill side effects or sacrificing flavor. In fact, we spent countless hours choosing ingredients that would perfectly mimic the tasting notes of classic cocktail recipes.  Our commitment to the experience you’ll have with every sip of Better Than Booze has resulted in pitch-perfect dupes for the real thing (…and a growing list of awards).

Not only do our social tonics taste good, but we’re equally committed to making sure our beverages are truly better than most products you can get on the market today. Whether you’re drinking one of our 100% spirit-free mocktails or experiencing the gauzy buzz of one of our hemp-derived CBD/THC blends, each drink is water-based, low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan, and naturally flavored. 

“I just want people to have options when it comes to social drinking sans alcohol without having to sacrifice flavor. Can’t get better than that!” – Drea Groeschel, Co-Founder & CEO, Better Than Booze

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Each mouthwatering, alcohol alternative tonic we offer is expertly crafted to taste just like the real thing (without the pesky hangover). From our infused beverages, featuring the perfect blend of CBD and THC, that give you a buzz without alcohol, to our completely alcohol-free mocktails, Better Than Booze is the social drink with no downside.

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