Hold the rum, keep the buzz.

CBD + THC Mint Mojito With Lime

4 pack


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Craving a mixed drink that won’t leave you with any mixed feelings? Allow us to introduce you to the new social beverage that’s drinking hangovers under the table. Our elevated libations are naturally flavored, water-based, and infused with hemp-derived CBD and THC. When it comes to taste, you can rest assured that our Mint Mojito with Lime is a dead ringer for its invigorating, citrusy namesake— we wouldn’t dare mess with taste perfection. With every sip leaving you happier than the last, don’t be shocked when your social life takes a turn for the, ahem, better.


Best practices for drinking a Better Than Booze? Better Than Booze is a revolutionary beverage and we want to make sure you enjoy it as such. Tolerance varies by person and the effects can be felt in as few as fifteen minutes, and for some, can last for about an hour per serving. Even though there is a low amount of THC and CBD we suggest starting slow. Drink half and wait 30 minutes before continuing to see how the drink makes you feel especially if you are unfamiliar with THC or CBD. After that, it’s up to your discretion.


Carbonated water, Sugar, Erythritol, Citric acid, CBD emulsion (Quillaia extract, CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil, modified lecithin, rosemary antioxidant, potassium sorbate), Natural flavors, monk fruit extract.