Better Than Booze is a groundbreaking new “Alcohol Alternative” Mocktail that comes in three fantastic flavors inspired by our favorite cocktails: Rosemary Infused Grapefruit Paloma, Elderberry Infused Gin and Tonic, and Mint Mojito with Lime. 

      Unlike other non-alcoholic cocktails, or “mocktails”, Better Than Booze contains hemp-derived CBD and THC to help people feel highly social without the hangover. Yep, now you can have a drink without having a drink.

        Co-founder and CEO of Better Than Booze, Drea Groeschel, is not only a lifelong entrepreneur and Nashvillian, but also a mom who sought to find a way to unwind at the end of the day without the foggy haze of alcohol and its negative effects. In 2022, Better Than Booze was born from this desire to swap out her regular glass of wine for a “Better” alternative.

        “My life is so busy with work and family, and trying to stay healthy. Sometimes it feels like an impossible juggle. So it was clear to me that moderating my alcohol intake was a big step in creating a healthier, more energetic lifestyle where I could be at my best for my family and coworkers. Better Than Booze is a new form of relaxation for me, the ‘ah ha!’ moment that I want other parents and working professionals to know about. It feels great to drink a bubbly water-based beverage that is infused by a plant, but tastes like a cocktail. Can’t get better than that!”

          The method to our magic involves patent-pending emulsion technology that offers the world a buzzy beverage with a long list of talents: flavor-forward, plant-based, low calorie, gluten-free, vegan, naturally flavored, hangover-free, and federally legal. About that last part: the short story is that our THC is naturally derived from hemp—and is under the .3% federal limit—so our drinks get a thumbs (and pinkies) up in most states!

            No, all of our mocktails are shelf stable. However, We highly recommend drinking them chilled or over ice just like you would with your favorite cocktail.

              We have a bit of an extreme approach to quality and safety that puts us in the top tier of CBD products when it comes to testing. We simply refuse to let anything out of our facilities that doesn’t pass the highest standards for potency of cannabinoids as well as purity and safety of all ingredients. We do not allow impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, or mycotoxins to enter our products at any point. We are obsessed with quality and our COAs demonstrate it: Click here to view them.

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                    Most people describe the Better Than Booze buzz as similar to a glass of wine: pleasant, mellow, and vibey. That’s because when CBD and THC hang out together, you get a milder, softer buzz.

                      The THC in Better Than Booze comes from federally legal Hemp, which has a low amount of THC in it. This allows us to create tasty beverages for you that have low amounts of THC in them without the regulatory headaches of handling Cannabis, which has a totally different set of rules

                        No, it is not pot. Hemp and marijuana are the same species of plant — Cannabis. However, the difference is in the concentration of THC. 
                        Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, which the US Federal government has deemed legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Read the full text of the 2018 Farm Bill that describes how this works in detail.

                          Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. It was discovered in 1940 and is currently being studied to understand it’s potential health benefits. 
                          CBD is part of a whole family of over 120 different beneficial plant molecules called cannabinoids that exist in a huge variety of different species of plants. The human body also has an entirely new, recently discovered “system” called the “Endocannabinoid System” that regulates a range of functions and processes in the body including sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and fertility. It was discovered in the early 1990’s by researchers studying the effects of THC, and has led to incredible medical breakthroughs in medical research.

                            We suggest having it with friends! Bring them some too, they will want to try it, trust us! It’s a great get together drink.

                              There are many factors that influence how you might experience the effects of CBD, but the biggest one is your personal tolerance. Our beverages have a mild amount of THC, so you can sip to your perfect buzz. If this is your first experience with hemp THC or CBD we recommend drinking half and waiting 30 minutes to see how you feel. Then continue the journey from there.

                                Yes! All our products are gluten free.

                                  Yes! All our products are vegan.

                                    Nope! That’s what is so great about this drink. All the social without the downfall.

                                      We do not recommend drinking Better Than Booze while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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                                          Yes. While it is a low amount of hemp-derived THC it still could show up on a drug test. Please drink responsibly.

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                                              When combined together in a beverage CBD and THC amplify each other’s good qualities. The CBD and Delta-9 are vying for the attention of the same receptors in the body and by competing for those receptors, you don’t get a direct immediate effect from either, but instead a mild, slow, rolling buzz.