Hold the vodka, keep the buzz.

CBD + THC Lemon Drop Martini

4 pack


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Our  Lemon Drop Martini transports you to a glitzy, glamorous, and guilt-free party any time you like! Our non-alcoholic version of this classic cocktail replaces the spirits with hemp-derived CBD and THC for a zesty, effervescent sip that will leave you feeling tranquil but never tipsy. Whether you like yours shaken, stirred, or simply straight from the can—this lemony liquid refreshment will provide a bubbly boost to your vibe.

How To

Best practices for drinking a Better Than Booze? Better Than Booze is a revolutionary beverage and we want to make sure you enjoy it as such. Tolerance varies by person and the effects can be felt in as few as fifteen minutes, and for some, can last for about an hour per serving. Even though there is a low amount of THC and CBD we suggest starting slow. Drink half and wait 30 minutes before continuing to see how the drink makes you feel especially if you are unfamiliar with THC or CBD. After that, it’s up to your discretion.


Sugar (Granular), Monk Fruit Extract (50% Mogrosides), Erythritol, Citric Acid
Sodium Citrate, GNT Exberry Shade “Yellow – Cloudy Powder” #47009004, Greenwood Clarified Lemon Juice Concentrate (400 GPL), NuSachi CBD Emulsion 0.75%, Natural Lemon Drop Type Flavor #2100297, Water